2017 Sequoyah Posters

The 2017 Posters will be at the Perma-Bound booth at O.L.A.!

2017-Sequoyah-ChildrensIf you aren’t attending, we will have  two distribution evenings.  One in Tulsa on March 31, and one the following week in OKC.


We will send out a notice with time and location on Facebook, Twitter, and email.  You can meet up with us, and we will give you the new Sequoyah posters, plus Caldecott, Newbery, and King posters too (while supplies last).  Other goodies will be at the distribution too, like free books, signed books, and event kits.  Hope to see you!



Happy Spring Break and Don’t Forget to Vote (2016 Sequoyah Award)

Spring Break is almost here!

This week’s newsletter is posted to the right.

Don’t forget to vote for the 2016 Sequoyah Award this week.  The deadline is March 15th, which is during spring break – easy to forget!

We are hard at work on posters and authors for the DVD.  Please let us know if you’d like for us to help you with anything.

Finally, we know the budget cuts are really disheartening.  We want you to know how much we appreciate your continued support.  As you count your pennies and try to stretch every dollar you can, we want to thank you for seeing the value that comes with choosing Perma-Bound.  Every book you purchase from Perma-Bound helps us with our mission to continue as your partners in education.

Have a great day!

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