Redbud FAQs – Answered!

We hope you and your students are loving the Redbuds!  We appreciate your participation, your patience, your ingenuity, and your feedback!  Please keep sending us pics and ideas.

Recently, we’ve answered some questions from our friends who are reading the Redbuds and trying to make the program work at their school.

Below are a few questions and our answers.

Q1 . Will the students be voting online somewhere or do we just have them vote in our libraries?  A1. Here are two voting forms: RedbudVotingForms Choose one, fill it out, and scan and email,  fax, or take a pic and email/text it.  The form has a spot to record one vote for each classroom favorite.

Q2. Do you want the total number of votes for each book or just the winning book?  A2. The Redbud award winner will be the book with the most classroom wins.  Each classroom will submit one vote for their favorite.  If you have 10 classrooms participating, you will send us 10 total votes.  One school has turned in their votes.  20 classrooms participated.  15 classrooms choose one particular book as their favorite.  5 classrooms chose another book.

Q3. Doing the competition bracket-style is just too much.  I’ll have to read the advancing books multiple times to multiple classes.  Is there another way?  A3. One way would be to divide the books into four groups.  Have four books compete at a time.  You’ll end up with four finalists and you can do one last round.  Or, you could do a ratings system.  We know if at least one school that has the students rate each book after hearing it.  After all 16 are read, the four with the highest ratings are read again and voted on.  There are several ways you could do a ratings system. It could be something done in a group with heads down using a thumbs up/down/sideways system.  Or, it could be a star system with four containers, rated 1-to-4 stars, and students could put something into the corresponding container after hearing the book.

Q4. I’m too busy to tackle the whole list of 16 Redbuds, do you have any suggestions?  A4. Cut the list in half, by word count, reading level, etc.  Do 8 lower books with PK/K and 8 upper books with 1/2nd.  Or, just do one grade this year.  Or, try to get your classroom teachers involved.

Q5. Will there be a Redbud video like the Sequoyah video done by The Brown Brothers?  At this time, we do not plan to do a video.  We do the Sequoyah videos to try to motivate students to independently select and read the Sequoyah books.  Since the Redbud is a read-aloud program, a motivational video isn’t needed.

Q6. When do the students vote?  A6. Votes are due April 30th.  Votes are administered by teachers and library media specialists as the books are read, so they are fresh on the students mind.  If you are setting up head-to-head battles or perhaps having four books compete at a time, you will take a classroom vote right after the books are read.  This will eliminate the book or books that don’t win that round of voting.  If you are doing a ratings system – same thing.  Have students rate the books soon after they hear them.

Q7. Do you have any promotional materials for the Redbud Read-Aloud Award?  A7. We have beautiful posters.  We distributed most of them at OTA/Encyclo-Media, but we have some left.  If you ordered the Redbuds from Perma-Bound, please do not hesitate to ask us for posters.  We’ll drop them by or mail them.

Q8. How do I share Redbud pics and ideas with colleagues?  A8. Join the Redbud Read-Aloud Discussion Group on Facebook!

Q9. I contacted OLA about the Redbud Award, but they weren’t able to help me.  Why?  A9. We are big fans of the Oklahoma Library Association, but we started The Redbud Read-Aloud Award, and we are the sole sponsors.  Please do not contact OLA or the Sequoyah committee about the Redbud Award.  If you have questions about the Redbud Read-Aloud Award, please contact us at