The 2020 Redbud Read-Aloud Award Masterlist is HERE!!

The 2020 Redbud Read-Aloud Book Award Masterlist:

The list is below, but first enjoy the announcement video!

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Peeping Beauty by Maier, Brenda
Something Smells! by Hellman, Blake Liliane
Croc & Turtle by Wohnoutka, Mike
Do You Believe in Unicorns? by Murguia, Bethanie Deeney
Bugs Don’t Hug: Six-Legged Parents and Their Kids by Montgomery, Heather L.
The Panda Problem by Underwood, Deborah
Did You Eat the Parakeet? by Iacolina, Mark
The Good Egg by John, Jory
Crash, Splash, or Moo! by Shea, Bob
Dandy by Dyckman, Ame
Eat Pete by Rex, Michael
Knock Knock by Sauer, Tammi
The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Burach, Ross
Nobody Hugs a Cactus by Goodrich, Carter
This Is My Room!: (no Tigers Allowed) by Jacobson, Jennifer Richard
Where Is My Balloon? by Bernstein, Ariel

2018 Winner: Little Wolf’s First Howling by Laura Kvasnosky
2019 Winner: The Great Puppy Invasion by Alastair Heim
2020 Winner: ???
Check back soon for the “Not Quite Redbud” list, plus updates to the Redbud Read-Aloud Handbook for 2020.