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Little Wolf’s First Howling by Laura McGee Kvasnosky and Kate Harvey McGee!!!    Laura sent a message to us…. “WHOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!”  We’ve invited her to participate at OTA/Encyclo-Media in November to accept her award at our annual author celebration and visit a school or two.  Fingers crossed!

If you didn’t see the announcement, check it out here

Based on voting, over 26,000 students participated, over 1100 classrooms voted, and over 120 schools submitted votes.

Many other schools participated, but either didn’t quite finish, or weren’t able to get their votes turned in.  Next year’s numbers will certainly go up!

Thank you so much for your amazing participation and support!

Welcome Back To School!

Happy Back-to-School time!  We hope you had a great summer!

Within the next few days, you should receive a letter from us.  It has some great Perma-Bound information.

Here are a few updates:

    1.  We send out a “weekly” email newsletter, but only about 20% of the recipients open it.  Please make sure your email service is set up to accept emails from kennethbrown(at) and kylebrown(at)
    2. We post links to the email newsletters on this website, so if you think you’ve missed a newsletter, check here for it.
    3. Want an author to visit your school?  Let us help.  Narrow down your list of authors and we’ll help put out the word to find other schools to host and help share the travel costs.
    4. Two 2018 SEQUOYAH VIDEOS are done!  Customers – please contact us for the link to the Children’s and Intermediate videos.  The authors speak to the Oklahoma students about their nominated books. High School video will be ready soon!
    5. We are in the process of making great Sequoyah promotional items.   Word searches, Sequoyah voter ID cards, “I Voted” printables, and much more.  Check back here for more information.
    6. We know budgets are strained, but we appreciate your continued support, and we hope you will use us as a resource to stretch your book dollars.

Have a wonderful school year!

Kyle and Kenneth – The Brown Brothers

2017 Sequoyah Book Award Update


They’re here!

The 2017 Sequoyah Book Award Masterlists have been announced!

As proud supporters of the Sequoyah Book Award program, we create free posters, bookmarks, plus an exciting promotional video each year – for Oklahoma librarians and their students.  Perma-Bound does not sponsor these promotional items, so we design and pay for them ourselves.  To you – our faithful customers, we thank you for everything you do to help us afford these projects.  To those who haven’t made the switch to Perma-Bound – we ask that you consider partnering with us by choosing Perma-Bound as a primary supplier of your library books.

POSTERS: We will have 2017 posters at OLA this year in Tulsa.   Rumor has it there might be a CHILDREN’S PREVIOUS-WINNERS POSTER this time around!!!  We hope you will attend, but if you don’t, watch for our tweets (@brownbrosbooks) during OLA week for times and locations to meet us for evening poster-pick-ups in Tulsa and in OKC.

BOOKMARKS: At the OTA/Encyclo-Media conference in October, stop by our booth and receive 25 free Sequoyah bookmarks.  Tell us you ordered your Sequoyah books from Perma-Bound, and we’ll give you an extra 25!  Tell us Perma-Bound is your main book supplier, and we’ll send you away with a big stack of them.

DVD: We are hard at work securing willing authors to help make this year’s author DVD the best ever!  Only 10 days into the project, we already have commitments from 2/3 of the Children’s and Intermediate nominees!  They are so kind, and very excited to speak to your students!  We are in the process of contacting the high school nominees now.

Speaking of the DVD – look for major changes this year.  The main presentation will be much shorter – under 20 minutes – and will feature a one-minute message from each participating author.  Then, there will be a bonus section, where we will have additional messages from the authors, their book trailers, and more!

How do you get the 2017 Author Video???

1. Our most faithful Perma-Bound customers can request and receive the video links for an exclusive 2-month bonus period, from about August 5th through October 5th.

2. Any library-media specialist who visits the Perma-Bound booth at  October’s OTA/Encyclo-Media conference can pick up a free copy of the DVD.  If you aren’t a Perma-Bound customer, we hope you’ll speak with us about the benefits of having Perma-Bound books in your library.

3. We want every student to see these videos.  So, if you don’t attend the conference, and you’re still not ready to make the switch to Perma-Bound, no problem!  Beginning December 10th, please contact us, and we will send you the video links.  That still leaves you with three months to increase interest among your students, before the March voting deadline.

For ideas for promoting the Sequoyah Book Award to your students, visit and visit their Sequoyah section.  There is great stuff there.  Or contact us – we have some good ideas too.


2016 Sequoyah Award Promotion Time!

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Welcome Back-To-School!

August in Oklahoma means  two things for our library-media friends – back-to-school, and introducing the Sequoyah books to their students!

In the coming weeks, library-media specialists who faithfully support The Sequoyah Book Award Program will begin promoting the masterlists to their students.  That’s where we come in.  As proud supporters of the Sequoyah Award, we create free posters, bookmarks, and an exciting promotional video each year – for Oklahoma librarians and their students.

This week, we released the 2016 Children’s Promotional video, and next week we will release the Intermediate and High School videos.  This labor of love began in Feburary, tracking down authors, editing video, selecting graphics and audio, writing scripts, etc.  Why?  Because we love Oklahoma.  We love reading and literacy.  And, we grew up reading the Sequoyah books as youngsters, and want to keep the third-oldest children’s-choice book award going strong!

All 15 authors are represented, with nearly every one speaking directly to Oklahoma students in original, exclusive videos.  The authors were incredibly gracious this year, and it is our heart’s desire that Oklahoma students get to know them and read their books.

As a gift to our most faithful Perma-Bound customers, they have exclusive access and use of the video through October 5th.  On October 6th at  OTA/Encyclo-Media, we will give a free DVD copy of the videos to any library-media specialist who drops by our booth and speaks with us about the benefits of Perma-Bound.  If a library-media specialist isn’t quite ready to add the-strongest-books-you-can-buy to their library, and they don’t attend the October conference, they can contact us on December 15th, and we’ll send them the free video so they can motivate their students to participate in the program, in plenty of time to read at least three books and cast their votes in early March.

Here is a 1-minute sneak preview.  It shows the first minute of the 32-minute video, and, as you can see, there is a special 16th author who took the time to say a few words to the OK students…

We hope you have a wonderful school year!

K & K – The Brown Brothers